Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Marketing is evolving to meet the needs of the consumer in this tech-reliant world. The Internet and the rise of mobile have created an environment in which consumers demand personalization and immediate access to information. To stay competitive, brands must adopt a marketing strategy that is both integrated and digital.







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Social Media. Just having Social Media accounts isn't enough. You need to link everything up to your website, apps, and other platforms you are working with. At that point you can employ a strategy to generate interest in your offering by effectivly driving users to your social media sites and then to your retail platform, be it online or a physical location.

Videos. Creating short, simple video's, and using them in your ads and on your Social Media accounts is one of the most potent things you can do to generate interest in your offerings and engage your target audience.

Email Marketing. If your website or apps aren't collecting the email addresses of your users, you are missing out on a source of very well targeted potential customers who have already expressed an interest in your offerings. An occasional email announcement is an easy way to stay connected.

SMS (txt) Marketing. As with Email marketing, if you are collecting user phone numbers, there is a way to engage these users using simple SMS txt messages.

Display Ads Display ads are created to be run on other websites or platforms outside of your own environment with the intention of driving traffic to your main platform.

Mobile Ads Mobile ads are specifically designed to run on apps either on phones or other portable devices. There are many popular free apps that rely on embedded adds for revenue, and this is a great platform, depending on what your offering is all about.

Your Email/Subscriber/Customer Lists. Your website and apps need to be able to collect user data that you can then market back to. This is on the programatic and database side of things, but you do need a mechinism to collect this vital user data, and we can help you hook that up.

Your Brand & Advertising

If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, application or mobile device, then you have to consider the role that Advertising should be having in your business. Just like having a Social Media presence is important to your business, having a sustainable, consistent Advertising strategy is equally important, but often overlooked. If you're already an Advertiser, you'll appreciate our professionalism and dedication to our clients, and if this is all new to you then we're here to walk you through it and help you maximize your online advertising budget.


We place ads from a multitude of sources into some of the best, technically sophisticated ad networks in the world and from there onto some of the most seen content pages on earth. To us, it's not about your budget, it's about how effective whatever money you spent actually was. You need good Ad Content, you need good technology to track results, and you need to target your audience as effectively and technically possible.

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