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RawrData Technology is a Website, Application, and Database Architecture firm.


You have to get paid! eCommerce solutions and integrations, plus our own RawrCart™ .NET based cart.

Responsive Design

We create 100% digitally handcrafted works of art. Each website is a unique and engaging masterpiece that matches the personality of your brand.

Social Media

Social Media and Email marketing to build customer relationships and expand your business.

.Net Development

Standards based MVC designed Websites and Apps, MS SQL Databases and you have total control of whatever you want to do!. VB & C++ Programming.

WordPress Development

Catalog and eCommerce Websites, Individual and Institutional blogging platforms with a heavy dose of MySQL Databases and PHP Programming. We've got this!

Programming & Databases

VB, C++, and PHP programming on the Server, Javascript, Jquery, and other libraries on the Client. MS SQL & MySQL Databases.


Some of my Work.



ASP.Net eCommerce



.Net MVC Enterprise Application


Real Estate Websites

Web Development



Web Development



Website Development



Blogging Communities


PROFESSIONAL: 40 years in Information Technology, 21 of them on the Web. Throw in a series of business start-ups and a very successful business that has been around for 24 years, and I / WE can help you with your Hardware, your Software and virtually any aspect of your business technology requirements.


Foundational Heavy Metal

I can admit it, I spent years working in the mainframe computer industry. I've been a production control analyst, applications analyst, programmer analyst, systems analyst, a systems programmer, a project manager and both a Supervisor and Manager in the Production Services environment. Banking systems and ATM networks. Good times!


1984 - 1992

New Wave and Punk PC's

My conversion to the PC world began in 1984 when I started doing system support work for ATM and bank branch automation controllers that ran on the network. The newer IBM controllers used floppy disks, so all the control programs were created on PC's that were connected to shared storage on the mainframe. When I left the mainframe industry in 1990, I walked straight into my own product based business and began working with accounting systems, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, phone systems and networks in support of those efforts.

1992 - Today

The Wonder Years

My third business start-up was a little thing called Wondermat®. Those interlocking foam mats you (or your kids) played on were brought to you in large measure by us back in the day. Product design, marketing, production and a thousand other things went into making this business work. The computer skills of my past were essential to its success.


1995 - Today

Oh, the Web we Weave

I started doing Website Development in 1995 for Wondermat® and wrote my first eCommerce shopping cart in 1996. Learned everything the hard way back then, but kept abreast of the latest technology and built long stable applications that have processed millions of dollars in transactions over the years.


2013 - Today

Rawr! We Love your Data.

I can't even tell you how many people I have helped set up Websites and development environments for over the years, but it's a lot! In 2013 I started this company, RawarData Technology, to do some consulting and agency work for clients and to let it be known that I am looking for interesting projects to get involved with, beyond my core business.

Our Amazing Team

Okay, it's a joke, but who said no man is an Island?


Rory Bresnan

Lead Developer, Designer & Marketer


I don't actually work alone! I run this business (and a few others), but I know and work with some of the smartest programmers, database, graphics and design people on the planet that comprise the best team of people I have worked with in a lifetime. Hardware and Network Engineers too!

Independent businesses and people, working together to bring your ideas to life.

It's what we do every day!

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