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RawrData Technology is a Website, Application, and Database Architecture firm. We specialize in developing solid foundations for websites and applications in their design and construction, and the environments, platforms, and frameworks they will be operating in. We strive to take the complexity out of the process for our clients and present a solid picture of the data requirements, structure, and a clear direction for the project to proceed. From here, our job may be done, depending on the client, or we can proceed to design and implement the project.

Architecture is architecture. Our approach to new projects and clients is similar to conventional architecture. Before ground is ever broken, a customer has come to us with an idea of something they want to build, and we talk about what that is, and in that exchange a conceptual image of a design and structure emerges. With knowledge of the concept and the budgets, our job at that point is to take that concept and determine what kind of a foundation, and what sort of internal structure is going to be required to support the client’s desired results. It’s the foundation and structural elements that make the design possible, add longevity, and lower maintenance costs. Planning a new website or application is a lot like that.

Data is data. One of the first things that has to happen in any project is identifying and collecting detailed information about the actual data requirements of the project. Exactly what data is needed, from start to finish. What are there existing data sources, what amounts of new data are being created, how, and in what format is it all going to be organized?

That’s when the information Architecture magic happens! Structure and organization of the data into tables start to emerge that will allow the application to do what it was designed to do. Once the data structures are in place and the databases built, the application developers can get busy bringing the design to screen.

Programming is programming. We don’t always write the code for a project, but if we do, we develop and build solid, easily maintained and scalable applications to meet our client’s needs now and into the future. Always with an eye on manageability and costs, the work we perform will always meet industry standards and be easily supported.

Hardware is hardware. Nothing we do with our computers is possible if they don’t work, or are not reliable. As most computer users will tell you, it’s always the hardware or operating systems fault.

So logically… we have a computer support team here in Aliso Viejo, CA that provides local technical services to individuals and small to medium sized business. We support computer repairs, hardware upgrades, Operating System setup and support, data transfer, network configuration and backup/recovery strategies.

We Bring Ideas to Life. Every Day!

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